Free Online Training for Spontaneous Volunteers in Disaster Response
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how it works

VolunteerReady is an online learning portal built to increase the preparedness and effectiveness of spontaneous volunteers responding to disasters in the United States. All courses are 100% free and accessible from a smartphone, PC or tablet allowing you to complete the training on the go, while you are volunteering, or as support when you are done.

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About us

VolunteerReady is a nonprofit program of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation developed in collaboration with leading organizations in disaster relief including:


After signing up, you can take short courses on these essential topics for spontaneous volunteers:
Follow a strict code of conduct that maximizes effectiveness, safety, and dignity when helping people in their moment of need.  
Code of
Learn about the valuable impact volunteers can make to bring hope and support to disaster survivors.
Spirit of
Understand your reasons for volunteering, whether you have realistic expectations, and are physically and mentally capable of managing the challenges that exist in the aftermath of disasters.
Know Before
You Go
Critical information to help you understand the inherent risks of volunteering in disaster response and the essentials of personal safety to reduce the risks. 
Review a list of potential tasks you may be asked to perform as a volunteer, as well as related expectations to help you safely and appropriately engage.
Roles in Disaster Response
Learn how to promote your wellbeing by recognizing and managing different types of stress that can occur before, during, or after volunteering.
Emotional Resiliency


Pat Ross

"The energy and enthusiasm of local volunteers is welcomed and encouraged when disasters strike. Pausing to ensure individuals are ready to go, enhances safety, promotes effective integration into volunteer organizations, and ensures an awesome experience for those volunteering."

Deputy Director of Field Operations, Team Rubicon



The Ins And Outs of How It Works

Frequently asked questions

Who should sign-up for VolunteerReady?

Any person that wants to provide hope and help to survivors in the aftermath of a disaster.

What is VolunteerReady?

VolunteerReady is an online learning portal designed to build the capacity of volunteers responding to disasters in the United States. Developed in collaboration with leading aid agencies and volunteer management experts, makes essential training resources available anywhere, anytime, at no cost.

Why was VolunteerReady created?

VolunteerReady was created to strengthen capacity of volunteers to respond to disasters in and outside of their community by providing a central location for training that would increase their effectiveness, safety and resilience.

Who supports VolunteerReady?

VolunteerReady is a collaboration between the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and the following partners who have contributed valuable time, content and expertise:

Catholic Charities USA, Emergency Management Institute (EMI), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Mennonite Disaster Service, Points of Light, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, Team Rubicon, the Salvation Army, and World Cares Center.

How do I get started? What courses should I take?

The first step is to click the ‘Sign Up’ button and create a profile in VolunteerReady, which includes selecting a username and password. Once you have registered, select the training that is right for you. Upon selecting a training course, click ‘Launch’ and you’re off!

Each course takes less than 15 minutes to complete and includes a short video, printable infographic, and a brief knowledge check.

For first time or infrequent volunteers, we highly suggest you take all the courses. New training will be added periodically.

How can I reset my VolunteerReady password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the ‘Log In’ button from Click on the ‘Reset Password’ button, enter the email address you used to register and click ‘Submit.’ You will receive an email that will provide instructions for resetting your password.